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In the beverage industry, incorporating fruit flavors is essential to create refreshing and delicious experiences. Several popular fruits have become key ingredients for unique and appealing flavor profiles. These not only provide a natural flavor but also a distinctive aromatic tone and an extraordinary multi-sensory experience.

Below, you will learn about the most popular types of fruits in creating various beverages.

1. Strawberries, natural and sweet popular fruits

Strawberries are natural, sweet, and vibrant colored fruits. Producers commonly use them in beverages like smoothies, flavored waters, and juices. They are also common in products such as yogurts, ice cream, and cereals. They rank among the most widely used sweet fruits in refreshing products and can be combined with fresh herbs such as basil to create unique flavor experiences. Moreover, the industry commonly uses them as fruit purees, frozen strawberries, and preserves.

2. Apple, a widely used fruit

Products like juices, compotes, and snacks often feature apples as a popular fruit. Particularly, it has a sweet taste and offers an attractive aroma. Adding texture and naturalness to beverages, this fruit is used in both pure juices and mixed beverages. In the food industry, preserves and concentrates incorporated it for making beverages and foods.

3. Pineapple, one of the most versatile popular fruits

Pineapple is a fruit that adds a tropical note to many beverages, whether in juices, smoothies, or cocktails. Its sweet taste and juicy texture transport consumers to warm and refreshing experiences. Its versatility often leads to its use in crafting liquid yogurt and combining it with other fruits. A very common flavor in the beverage industry results from its combination with coconut to create exquisite flavors such as piña colada.

4. Mango, an exotic and tropical fruit

Mango is one of the popular fruits that brings an exotic and tropical feel to drinks. Is an ingredient to make juices, desserts, and tropical cocktails. It is one of the exotic fruits with a sweet and fruity taste. Combining it with herbs such as mint enhances the tasting experience with added complexity.

5. Guava, one of the most appreciated and popular fruits

Highly appreciated for its tropical flavor and aroma, guava is a native fruit of Colombia. It features prominently in the preparation of juices, smoothies, and drinks combined with other fruits. Its purees provide a unique texture and intense sweetness to fruit cocktail mixtures. It is also widely used to make fruit desserts and baked goods.

6. Passion fruit: a fruit of intense flavor, aroma, and color

Passion fruit is one of the Caribbean fruits with a very attractive sensory profile. With its unique flavor, color, and aroma, it finds inclusion in beverages like smoothies, cocktails, and juices.  It is also used as a puree in jellies, desserts, and beverages, as it adds an acidic and tropical touch to products.

The variety of fruits used in the beverage industry brings diverse flavors that appeal to consumers. They are popular fruits that not only add a natural flavor but also bring freshness and an aroma that satisfies the senses. From classic strawberries and apples to exotic and tropical options such as mango or passion fruit, these are common fruits in the preparation of cocktails, juices, nectars, and ice creams, and a good alternative to accompany yogurts and add flavor to desserts.

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