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There are different types of fruits derived from their main classification. Whether they are sweet, semi-sweet, acidic, semi-acidic, or neutral, these will help you improve the flavor of your food (Finedining Lovers, 2021). We will explain what factors to consider when choosing the best fruit for your industry.

When to use fruit variations in processed foods

According to the classification and types of fruits mentioned in the introduction, knowing when to use them is necessary. The main intention is not to overload your food, drink, or snack with flavors.

Whatever they are, fruits are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. When it comes to combining several types, we recommend no more than three at a time. Also, try not to mix acidic fruits with sweet ones, as it could cause digestion problems (Solnaturaleza, 2019).

Types of fruits that will improve your industrial foods

In the following list you will find some fruits that will help you to perfect the flavor of your industrial foods:

  • Exotic fruits: with a unique flavor, they are uncommon in production processes. However, they provide a distinguishable flavor that you can take advantage of to differentiate yourself from your competition. For example, finger limes, dragonfruit, and guava fruit, among others (Portal Frutícola, 2012). Another option is to present them in natural juices or as pulp.
  • Candied fruits: are the most common when producing large quantities of food. This is due to the fact that the possibility of the fruit rotting is eradicated (Lázaro, 2022). On the other hand, the cooking process to which they are subjected reduces the liquids in the fruit. We advise using them if your objective is to produce cakes, bars, or long-lasting snacks.
  • Crystallized fruits: this is a process after obtaining candied fruits (Lázaro, 2022). In this technique, they are coated with sugar and can be used to generate a different texture, in addition to a sweeter and more intense flavor. You can use them in desserts or candies.

Benefits of different types of fruits

Finally, we want you to know what the benefits are of using some of the fruits mentioned above. This way, you will be able to consider adding them to your products in a clearer and more objective way.

  • It is possible to combine different types and classifications of fruit for greater impact.
  • The different processes provide unique textures and flavors, which you can use for pastries, cocktails, or any other preparation.
  • You can prioritize durability by using candied or crystalized fruits in your products.

Finally, we conclude that these different processes will allow your customers to consume your products at the right time. In addition, you will be able to combine these fruits to provide a unique flavor, try them and let your consumers enjoy your preparations more!

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