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Any of your customers would like to taste sweet fruits in the food you offer them. Not only because of their distinctive taste but also because they are an incredible source of vitamins and minerals (Esneca, 2021). Read on to learn about the most popular fruits.

Most demanded flavors for food and beverages in the U.S.

For industrial food production, finding different types of fruits in the same brand is common. Below, we will show you the most commonly used fruits by flavor in the United States, according to the type of fruit (Sabor USA, 2019).:

  • Sweet fruits: they are rich in vitamins A, C, E, B12, and B15 complex (Kiwi Atlantic, 2019). They do not contain acids and some of the most consumed are bananas, watermelons, red apples, melons, among other fruits.
  • Sour fruits: They serve as excellent antioxidants and rich sources of vitamin C, characterized by their high citric acid content (Diario Vasco, 2020). The most consumed are guava fruits, pineapple, orange, blackberry, lemon, strawberry… among others.
  • Semi-acid fruits: They contain a lower amount of citric acid, but they are not totally sweet. In addition to contributing multivitamins, they are also known for aiding in fluid drainage (Esneca, 2021). For example, plum, tangerine, green apple, peach, among others.

Inputs and ingredients needed to include sweet fruits

Similarly, when preparing fruit desserts on an industrial scale, it is advisable to have these ingredients:

  • Yogurt: mixing it with fruits creates long-lasting, healthy, and delicious desserts or foods.
  • Natural colorants: to give greater intensity to the color of the food, organic colorants are a suitable solution.
  • Concentrated pulp: is one of the presentations to have natural fruit for your products that we recommend. In addition, it is easy to store, use and maintain.
  • Natural fruit juice: an alternative to fruit pulp is juice concentrate (NFC).

Sweet fruits and their benefits in industrial production

There are many reasons why you should add natural fruits to your food and beverages. Review some of the benefits in the following list:

  • They provide a unique flavor.
  • Contribute to the well-being of the digestive system.
  • They allow to reduce, as necessary, the use of sugar.
  • They are an excellent way to satiate the appetite.

In conclusion, if you are looking to improve your food products, then you cannot hesitate to add these fruits. It is one of the ingredients that can give you the best results, so include them in your products!

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