You are currently viewing Guava Fruit: Varieties, Health Benefits, and Use in Multiple Products

Guava fruit is a very famous tropical fruit in American countries. While its import decreased in the United States in 2022, there are still many benefits to be exploited (El Sol del Centro, 2022). Let us elaborate on why we highly recommend you include it in your products.

Popular products using guava fruit in the U.S.

In the last decade, the tropical fruit market in the United States boomed. As a matter of fact, the United States is the first importer of tropical fruits worldwide (OEC, 2023). Under this premise, we will show you some articles which use such fruit:

  • Energy drinks. Celcius, for example, uses it as both an ingredient and flavoring agent. This is to the fact that these fruits are rich in minerals and vitamins (Scielo, 2021), not to mention their pleasant, sweet taste.
  • Jam from multiple brands. Whatever the food, guava-based sauce is delicious. Another reason for its popularity in the domestic fruit market.
  • Juice flavoring sachets. Just like other tropical fruits, it can be used to prepare juices —they might provide various flavors—.
  • Candies. They are also commonly found in candy or candy presentations. They not only provide candies with a characteristic smell and flavor, but a unique color.

Guava fruit presentations and its benefits

If you are considering whether to add it to your commercial products, you should be aware of their presentations. The most common are the following:

  • Puree. It is made from the unprocessed pulp. Certainly, anyone can give it different uses and it is kept cold. Moreover, its content is completely solid.
  • NFC. It is an acronym for “Not From Concentrate” products (Citromax, n.d.). This presentation of guava fruit aims to maintain the natural aroma and taste of fresh guavas. Unlike concentrated forms, NFC guava fruit retains its liquid state without undergoing concentration processes.
  • Concentrate. Unlike NFC, this is obtained through a concentration process. In this way, it is possible to separate the water from the juice to obtain the purest essence of the fruit (Tapas, 2018).

Reasons why you should use it in your products

After knowing the most popular products and presentations of it, let us tell you why to use them:

  • It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals: including vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. It offers you even more than an orange (Scielo, 2021).
  • It has a unique aroma: the smell of guava fruits is sweet, soft, and very attractive.
  • It is an exotic fruit: Florida is the only state that can grow it, apart from tropical countries (Scielo, 2021).

Make your customers fall in love with your products by using guava fruit as an ingredient or additive. You can differentiate yourself from the competition with a popular and coveted tropical fruit like this one —Use it now!

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