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Natural fruit desserts provide a greater number of benefits to consumers. Additionally, it is a fantastic way to increase the flavor intensity of your food products. Read on to learn how to use natural fruits in your desserts. 

What are the most popular fruit desserts in the United States? 

In the United States, the most common dishes enjoy an enormous gastronomic variety. The reason for this is that it is a country founded by immigrants from all over the world (CEVAC, s.f.). 

The most popular dishes in the country are (Cristina Arias, s.f.). 

  1. Banana split. Products like yogurts or ice cream cones have banana split flavored presentations. They use a freezing process that preserves the natural fruit for their production. 
  1. Apple pie. In this case, containers are first used to place the dough in each one. Then, the mixture is poured over those containers and is taken to the oven in large quantities (Wired, 2013). 
  1. Lemon pie. It happens the same as in the previous case, but pieces of nuts or fresh exotic fruits can be added. 
  1. Hummingbird cake. Dried fruits are added and baked in their respective molds and the ingredients are mixed in an industrial mixer,. Packaging occurs after the cakes are cooled and unmolded (Fábrica de Tortas el Privilegio, s.f.). 

When to use plain, concentrated or NFC purees? 

All the desserts mentioned above use fruits for their preparations. For them, it is recommended to opt for a simple puree, concentrate or NFC. Below, you will learn when to use each fruit and its benefits. 

  • Simple puree. It consists of the fruit puree, which makes it easy to consume, transport and store (Eroski Consumer, 2022). It is the most feasible solution to avoid the use of flavorings and include healthy properties when consuming fruits. 
  • Fruit concentrates. Fruit juice is processed to remove water and retain all its flavor properties. Concentrates are long lasting and can bring their intense flavor to any food (Jimena Espiga, 2018). You can use it when you want to give a more intense flavor to your food, such as in guava fruit desserts. 
  • Fruit NFC. Contrary to the previous process, Not From Concentrate does retain water. Therefore, it provides a much more natural flavor and absolute freshness (Citromax, n.d.). Use this type of fruit when you want to provide the highest possible freshness to your fruit desserts.  

In conclusion, fruit desserts depend on their preparation processes. Incorporating any of the types of fruits will add more flavor to your products. Do not hesitate to add it when you consider it necessary. 


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