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Mango jelly has multiple consistencies and flavors, so your recipe must have the best processes and ingredients. Below, we will give you some tips to get an incredibly delicious jelly.

How mango jelly is produced industrially

Unlike other desserts such as mango cake, gelatin requires a different type of processing. When it is at the industrial level, these are the procedures that will help you prepare your gelatin (Alfa Laval, s.f.):

  1. Clarification: This is the process that gives brightness and translucency to the gelatine to reduce the number of fats and impurities.
  2. Fractionation: By filtering the solution after clarification, it is possible to eliminate the salt.
  3. Concentration: An evaporation system is used to stimulate the flavor and color of gelatin.
  4. Sterilization: The product is ready for packaging after sterilization at high temperatures for a few minutes. At this point, mango puree or mango concentrate can be added.
  5. Packaging: The purified liquid is placed in previously sterilized containers.
  6. Conservation: Finally, the containers with liquid gelatine are stored in refrigerators that contribute to its solidification. Ready to be transported to the point of sale.

Ways to Improve Mango Jelly with Fruit Concentrate

Although there are multiple ingredients to prepare mango-based jelly, fruit concentrate is one of the best. To enrich your mass production, we suggest you keep these tips in mind (FinModelsLab, s.f.):

  • Choose quality distributors: Ripe, fresh, and clean fruit will be the ideal target for good concentrate. Make sure you are choosing the best ingredients for your consumers.
  • Store properly: Once purchased, the concentrate should be stored cold and in dark rooms to extend its shelf life.
  • Remember the benefits of the concentrate: Jelly with mango concentrate is much healthier than artificial flavorings. By letting your regular customers know this, they will prefer this type of gelatine.

Get the best flavor for your gelatin

Including natural ingredients will give your jelly, mango sorbet, or any other mango dessert an unbeatable flavor. If you prefer to use natural products for your desserts, then we recommend concentrate. Fruit concentrate will help you produce better mango jelly and extend its shelf life. Include it in your production plan and your customers will thank you.

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